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Are you a independent instructor,or even one distant to a large organisation ?
I found that a lot of people felt that unless you belonged to large club, or had a well known name to which you could stand behind, then maybe your wing chun was no good, the fact is, there are lots of independent instructors out there who teach very good Wing Chun, and like myself were no longer training under a "known" master, I found many, many people for one reason or another left or broke away from their own instructors, I myself hold my previous Sifu in the highest regard, and always will,
once I started to teach indepentantly, I found I was looking to fall under the umbrella of some other big name or organisation, until I discovered that, this will neither improve, or better my Wing Chun skills, This is not to say that I, in any way look upon myself as a master or even consider myself a expert, but I do know I have the skills to pass on Wing Chun to others, thereby Preserving the tradition... I wonder how many others feel the same as me... not wanting to acquire a new master just for the sake of it, yet still wishing to belong to an family.
Although I am now fortunately a member of "The World Wing Chun kung Fu Association", and under instruction of Grand Master William Cheungs Wing Chun, I am not as yet teaching on his behalf, I do not mention this to add weight to my credibility, but to pay homage to the Grand Master, as he has so kindly made his wing chun available for all.

My previous Sifu G.J.Blackburn ( Randy Williams C.R.C.A ), instilled in me the spirit of helping to promote Wing Chun, Therefore I am not trying to become a "head" of an organisation, but hopefully, act as a catalyst, in helping more people to form bonds within the wing chun brotherhood.
The way you teach, pronunciation, spelling, uniforms, and all the other so called differences, should be of no concern, we do not seek to convert, only to help each other in anyway we can
100% Free Membership
I have set up this site, not to add weight to my own standing, or even to make money from it, hence all membership is FREE, and no hidden charges, all I wish to do is set up a site, where instructors like myself can feel part of a Wing Chun family, (and make new friends).

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