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Tan sao, or begging hand. this page will be updated with more detailed use of this technique

the Academy of Traditional Wing Chun, and Sifu B.Betteridge makes no warranty or guarantee that any technique described or shown within this site, are lawful, and or, safe or effective in any self defence situation or otherwise.

likewise nor are we responsible for any injury occurring during practise or application of such techniques.

we likewise accept no responsibility or warranty regarding the legality or appropriateness of any technique depicted or described with in this site

: always remember to seek professional personal instruction, before endeavouring to apply any or all techniques:

Tan sao, or begging hand

A - 1
Precious deflects Florences straight punch, using bon sao ( wing arm )
A - 2
rolling the Bon sao over into Tan sao, Precious clears the line for her own attack
A - 3
turning the Tan sao into a grab, as she steps into close the distance and power her punching arm as it rolls into a elbow strike to the throat
A - 4
Precious finally finishes off with a little know technique "Tan sao strike", unlike the pounding effect of a fist the immense whipping power generated by the open hand smashes into her opponents cheek
B - 1
Sifu Betteridge, defeats Deans straight punch, by stepping diagonally forwards, while at the same time covering the punch and striking low
B - 2
as the low punch now whips up into Tan Sao (note this time the Tan is being used as a "take over trap"), the blocking hand shoots out to palm strike to the neck
B - 3
after chopping the same hand now again "traps" the opponent, as Sifu Betteridge ends it with a straight punch under the jaw
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