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the Academy accepts no libility as the the effectivness or lawfulness of the following techniques,
Always remember there is no substitute for expert tuition.

A - 1
"Tracey texting her friend after a shopping trip"
there are at least 3 things she is doing that may lead her into trouble !
A - 2
"sex crazed drug fiend, tries for a easy mark"
A - 3
"Tracey holds on tight to her attacker's hand that grabbed her shoulder and thrust her own arm out as he punched"
"the shopping and phone were both dropped to the floor as soon as he grabbed her"
A - 4
"without waiting she grabs the attackers head and pulls him onto her kick to his groin"
A - 5
"even though the attacker may be incapacitated, she pays no attention to either her shopping or phone, but gets away as quick as she can"
only returning to the scene (accompanied) for her items after reporting to the police, reporting any such occurrence may lead to the arrest of the offender, failure to report the guy and next time his victim may not be so lucky.
key things in any self defence situation, are remain calm try to take in as much detail about the assailant as you can , clothes scars tattoos etc., and never risk your own safety over possessions, they can be replaced in time,